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Benefits of Private Mediation in Divorce

private mediation in divorce

Benefits of Private Mediation in Divorce

Private mediation offers many advantages over divorce court proceedings. Firstly, it allows both parties to retain control over the outcome of their divorce without having to rely on court decisions and rulings from judges. Mediation allows for couples to negotiate agreements based on their specific needs, attitudes, and interests rather than being possibly forced into a final judgement that is not what they wanted. According to The Superior Court of California – County of Riverside, “Private mediators do not make rulings, orders, decisions or reports. Their only job is to help you work out voluntary agreements that fit your particular situation.”

Private Mediation Benefits

Additionally, private mediation typically takes less time than litigating through the courts since both parties are more likely to come to agreements quickly when they are not under the pressure of a courtroom setting. Private mediators are trained professionals who understand divorce law and how to properly guide conversations so that each party’s concerns and point of view are represented fairly, comprehensively, and without emotional overtones.

Another benefit of private mediation is its cost efficiency compared to litigation in court. While preparing for court as well as presenting in court can be expensive, private mediation typically costs much less because the parties resolve issues in a less adversarial setting. With mediation, parties with their lawyers do not “argue” issues in court and allow the Judge to make the decisions. Rather, they work out issues with the help of a mediator and agree on final decisions collaboratively. This cost savings can be significant when compared to arguing through court hearings and a divorce trial.

Additionally, since most divorce courts require some form of negotiation before going to trial, opting for private mediation early on may end up saving both parties money in the long run by avoiding expensive court battles and added lawyer fees down the road.

Who are Mediators?

Mediators who specialize in divorce cases are trained professionals who understand the specific laws surrounding marriage dissolution and family law. They can advise you on topics such as child custody arrangements, spousal support payments, division of assets/debts, and estate plans, while providing support throughout the process by helping each partner communicate more effectively with one another. Plus, mediators provide an impartial perspective on potential solutions so that you don’t feel like one party has more power than the other during negotiations.

Schedule a Consultation with a Redwood City Divorce Lawyer

Private mediation in divorce may offer numerous advantages over going to court for you. When it comes to divorcing couples, using mediation to work out disagreements amicably while communicating concerns and finding compromise is a worthwhile advantage.

If you’re considering getting divorced, Redwood City divorce lawyer Bradley Bayan can explain what to expect and how mediation fits into the process. In many cases, private mediation may be worth exploring as an option for finding mutually beneficial outcomes for yourself and your soon to be former spouse.

It is important to remember that not all divorce cases will be able to be resolved in private mediation. Sometimes couples will not budge and then a hearing and a judge is necessary to make a ruling. In which case, having a lawyer who is experienced in court is critical. Contact the Law Offices of Bradley D. Bayan at (650) 364-3600 to schedule a free consultation and learn more.

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