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Redwood City Divorce Attorney

If you are facing the prospect of divorce, you may be experiencing considerable stress and emotion. At this difficult time, it is important to understand that the right attorney can make a dramatic difference in how individuals — and families — weather a divorce.

California is a no fault state for divorce so you do not have to provide a reason for divorcing. Irreconcilable differences is the only reason needed.  Divorce (dissolution of marriage) is a legal judgement by the court ending a valid marriage. The divorce distributes marital assets and debts and if there are children, then it will include orders on  custody , visitation, and child support. In some cases, where warranted, spousal support is ordered.

Bradley Bayan has more than 20 years of experience and is licensed by The California Bar. He has demonstrated a high level of experience, education, knowledge and skill in matrimonial and family law with a particular understanding of divorce in California.

At the Law Offices of Bradley D. Bayan, we are sensitive to our client’s needs and respectful of their wishes. Clients involved in acrimonious or contested divorces appreciate our considerable trial experience. However skilled, collaborative negotiation and mediation are cost-effective alternatives to resolve divorce, custody, and support disputes and avoid a trial. In every aspect of our representation, we will call upon more than two decades of experience and a long history of success to protect your welfare, your children, your finances, and your future.

Mr. Bayan approaches divorce, like other practice areas, with a methodological approach. What this means in Mr. Bayan’s words is “this methodology applies to everything that I do.  I always try and engage the opposing counsel or opposing party with the intention of obtaining a resolution of the case without having to get into court…I always attempt to negotiate a solution.”

He is very proactive in making sure the opposing party/attorney knows that he is interested in a formal resolution. He also is interested in cooperating with the opposing counsel in order to get his client the divorce through a mediated settlement agreement versus going to trial which most clients appreciate. A mediated settlement means the parties can work out the terms of their divorce in a collaborative way. This is not a sign of weakness but rather a smart approach to obtaining a fair divorce.

However, if the other side has no serious intention of finding fair and common solutions, Mr. Bayan is more than capable to be as tenacious as needed and is willing to fight for his client. Thinking two or three steps ahead of the opposition, he can make it very difficult for the opposing side to press an unfair or ridiculous agenda. The goal is to resolve everything as quickly and fairly as possible and not engage in frivolous motions or arguments.

If you are considering divorce, consult with Bradley Bayan. He will give you guidance and information on how the divorce process works.

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