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Child Custody & Visitation

Child held by mother representing Child custody

Child Custody & Visitation

The Law Offices of Bradley D. Bayan specializes in dealing with difficult and complex disputes over parenting, often resulting from divorce, by using a creative and positive approach. Divorced couples with children or unmarried couples with children who have decided to separate face the challenge of determining custody and visitation.  Because each case and family are unique, we begin with a comprehensive analysis of key aspects of the family laying the groundwork for a cooperative approach leading to resolution. Wherever possible, we strive to settle cases because it is less stressful for the family and usually more cost-effective for them as well. Additionally, the two parents can voice concerns and have those concerns recognized and resolved. The goal is to get parents who, though no longer together in a love relationship, to co-parent cooperatively going forward  with the interests of their children as the priority. This includes proper financial child support and making sure both parents abide by the order of the court to support their children financially and not just emotionally or physically.

In instances, where litigation is required to establish child custody, we take a sophisticated approach and use every resource to obtain the best outcome for our clients. Mr. Bayan prepares diligently for court with a focus on detailed and strategic planning prior to filing litigation. Our goal is always to bring a quick and favorable outcome in keeping with the rules of court protocol.

We will use experienced experts as needed and bring in an array of resources depending on the individual needs of the case. Our approach is always a team effort with our client to bring the very best to work on every case.

Mr. Bayan is always frank with the client. If their situation is already precarious, he makes sure to lay out exactly where they’re at with regard to the strengths and weaknesses of their case. He outlines where his client may need to compromise – to basically work a solution.

Unfortunately, sometimes distrust and anger have resulted in restraining orders already and we need to work to rebuild trust and the give and take needed for the parents to come to an agreement on custody, visitation, and parenting decisions on education, medical care, and housing. We work to have both parents recognize that each parent may have a different parenting style, but certain outcomes are still the goal – happy, healthy children with two loving supportive parents.

We work to overcome the presumption that legal and physical custody may not be in the best interest of the child because of poor behavior by the parent with the restraining order. Clearly, there are steps that need to be taken, whether it’s parenting class or getting into whatever kind of program (anger management, substance abuse rehabilitation etc) that is needed, to show the court their willingness to be a positive presence in the lives of their children. Given the necessary frequent and continuing contact between parents, it’s our intention to make sure that we can bring a plan together whenever possible where there is going to be a joint custody relationship and a joint physical timeshare.

But, when necessary, in those instances where sole legal and physical custody is better for the children, Mr. Bayan has been able to successfully achieve this type of arrangement with the other parent having a limited visitation or no visitation at all. He will not shy away from what is necessary for his client and his/her children. If a TRO (temporary restraining order) is needed, Mr. Bayan has the experience to apply for one to get protection for his client. In unhealthy relationships, there are often, too often, volatile situations fueled by emotions and vindictive actions. The sooner legal measures can be taken, more often than not, the safety of the victim can be assured. Once there is that legal safeguard, the better for both parties to eventually find the way to a productive parenting relationship. His approach is hands-on and he is not afraid to be the lion his clients may need.

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