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How Much Child Support Will I Get?

child support in california

How Much Child Support Will I Get?

You may not be living with your child or partner anymore, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to support them financially. If you are the custodial parent (meaning you have primary custody of your child), you will need to know how much child support you can expect from the other parent. In California, there are a number of different factors that affect the amount of child support a custodial parent can receive.

Whether you are a custodial or non-custodial parent, you need to know how much child support you can expect. There are different factors that go into calculating basic child support in California. Here’s what you need to know about how much child support you can expect in California.

Calculating Child Support Under California Guidelines

California has a statewide calculator to help determine how much child support should be paid. The calculator uses many variables to calculate child support payments. Alimony does not directly affect how much money you pay in child support. However, alimony payments reduce your ex’s income and make it easier for you to raise children.

The guidelines used in the state calculator take into consideration the needs of the children and the financial resources of the parents. When determining the amount of child support, the court must consider the standard of living of each party. The court will look at the incomes of both parties and determine if either party has the ability to contribute more money towards the support of the children.

Parents who share custody often disagree about how much parenting time they should spend with their children. There is no set standard for determining how much parenting time a parent should receive.

Child Support Laws in California

The guidelines set forth in Family Code 4053 establish the base amount of child support for all families. The guidelines take into consideration the financial resources available to the family and ensure that children receive adequate support while maintaining equity between the parties. This formula is a good starting point for calculating child support payments.

How Income Is Determined in California

Child support is based on two parties’ incomes and how much time each party spends with the children. Judges may take into account the cost of living when calculating child support. There are different formulas for determining child support depending on where you live.

In most cases, salary is the easiest source of income to predict. Other forms of income like rent, royalties, etc. are harder to predict. In addition, pensions, personal injuries, and other government benefits are all considered when determining how much money your ex should pay in child support.

How Child Support Starts

The court can base child support orders on either net income or timeshare. Interest charges apply to any unpaid child support owed. Timesharing does not always mean equal parenting time. Timesharing is calculated by dividing the number of days spent with the child by the total number of days. As timesharing decreases, the amount of child support paid decreases.

Falling Behind in Child Support Payments

If you don’t pay child support, you’ll end up owing interest on the unpaid balance. Even if you’re making regular payments, you still owe interest on any arrears. When you’re in contempt of court after owing a significant amount of child support, you could go to prison.

Ending Child Support

Court-ordered child support ends when the children turn 18 years old or graduate from high school. Parents may agree to support a disabled adult child who cannot support themselves. If your child is still living with his/her parent, child support may end after graduation or age 19, whichever comes first. If you are the parent who pays child support, you must continue to pay the full amount of child support until the court changes your order.

Contact a Redwood City Divorce Attorney

There are a lot of factors involved in determining how much child support will be paid. Getting the best California child support lawyer for you can help you get the most accurate calculations possible. The guidelines used by courts to determine child support are not always accurate, and using an experienced California family law lawyer can help ensure you receive an accurate calculation.

If you’re going through a child support dispute, it’s a good idea to consult with an attorney who specializes in this area of law. Schedule a consultation with the Law Offices of Bradley D. Bayan by calling (650) 364-3600 or using our online form.

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