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Protecting Your Rights In Domestic Violence Cases

domestic violence arrest

Protecting Your Rights In Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence cases are difficult to deal with from a law enforcement perspective. There are a lot of stereotypes that can play into how a case is handled, which can also lead to violations of your rights. If you are charged with domestic violence, here is how to protect your rights in domestic violence cases.

Insist on Working With Your Lawyer

Once you are charged with domestic violence, contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer is your legal advocate throughout the proceedings and you want to have them around as much as you need to ensure that law enforcement doesn’t infringe on your rights. Just because you are charged with a crime doesn’t mean you don’t have rights.

Document Everything Related to Your Case

As you go through the legal process, make sure that you document everything related to your case. Anything that can be used as evidence of rights violations needs to be documented. That way, your lawyer can take action against those responsible with credible reports of everything that happened.

Be Proactive In Your Defense

One of the best ways to protect your rights if you are charged with domestic violence or any crime is to be proactive in your defense. Don’t hesitate to call legal assistance and build a team that can protect you. When rights are violated, it usually happens when someone tries to navigate the system alone. Once you have a legal team on your side, people are far less likely to try to violate your rights since they know that someone is watching who knows the law.

Know Your Rights Ahead of Time

Knowing your rights is crucial in protecting them. Your lawyer won’t be around all of the time to step in on your behalf when something happens. If you know your rights, you can take positive action to protect them even if your lawyer is not there. When there is a problem, speak up for yourself and demand that your rights be respected. It may not always work, but it can have a positive effect on your case since rights violations are not always intentional.

Tell Your Lawyer About Everything

It may not always be possible to prevent your rights from being violated, but your lawyer can do something about it after the fact. There are systems in place to address such problems and it may even impact the outcome of your case. Make sure that you let your lawyer know about potential problems so that they can take the appropriate action to deal with the situation.

Get a Lawyer Right Away

The sooner you get a lawyer to represent you, the more support you have when problems arise. Schedule a consultation with the Law Offices of Bradley D. Bayan by calling (650) 364-3600 or using our online form. We specialize in defending clients just like you who have pending charges and problems with the legal system not respecting your rights.

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