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Signs You May be Headed to Divorce

couple frustrated with each thinking of divorce

Signs You May be Headed to Divorce

What are the warning signs of a failing marriage? Some red flags may signal that your marriage is in trouble. If you feel that your goals are no longer the same and attempts to improve the issues in the marriage aren’t successful, these may be signs that divorce is approaching.

Signs of a Failing Marriage

Common signs that can indicate that a marriage may be failing include:

Lack of Intimacy

The lack of physical intimacy is a sign that something is wrong in the relationship. Often, couples who are less intimate with each other lose a valuable connection. Intimate relations support loving feelings so conversely the lack of such relations can create distance. If you and your spouse are losing interest in being intimate with you, it may unfortunately be a sign your marriage is in trouble.

Your Spouse is Always Too Busy to Spend Time With You or Talk

If your spouse is always busy with work or other relationships that keep them too busy to spend time with you, it may be a sign of trouble. Good communication between couples is a cornerstone of a good marriage. If you hear “It’s fine” as a response to your questions of concern, rather than open and honest conversation, the problems go unacknowledged and unresolved. Lack of communication create distance, distrust, and feelings of worthlessness. Also if you find yourself avoiding time with your spouse, this is also a sign you are disengaging. If you are interested in working on saving your marriage, you may need to seek marital counseling to help improve communication and resolve conflict. Otherwise be aware you may be headed to divorce.

You Live Like Roommates

If you are more like roommates than spouses, it may mean that your marriage may not last much longer. Divorced couples often talk about this scenario as a common precursor to their divorce. The roommate relationship lacks the friendship and love that happily married couples share. Roommates reflect more of a business relationship – the bills get paid and household chores completed – but the roommates are living separate lives. Separate bedrooms can be a sign that things are in trouble though not always. If you and your spouse are not enjoying hanging out together as besties, unfortunately your marriage could be in trouble.


If you notice your spouse is being secretive, withdraws from you emotionally, or is suddenly working longer hours, these could be signs of infidelity. More often than not cheating is a breaking point in a marriage. If you can no longer trust your spouse, sadly divorce is in your future.


It’s normal for couples to argue, but if everything you do seems to irritate your spouse, it’s a strong indicator that your marriage is headed for divorce. If you notice you are finding fault all the time with your spouse or visa versa, this is a sign that the marriage is headed in a negative direction. If you or your spouse are no longer being supportive of each other, the irritation will erode the strength of your marriage. If you are not being kind to one another, your marriage is likely headed for divorce.

Loved Ones Want You to End Your Marriage

Your friends or family may urge you to end the relationship if they feel like your partner is not good for you. They may be seeing that you would be better off without your spouse before you are willing to admit. If you have shared your unhappiness or poor treatment with your loved ones, it is likely they may encourage you to get a divorce. If you trust their opinion, you may follow their advice.

You’re Often Unhappy

If you find that you’re chronically unhappy, it’s a red flag that something might be wrong in your marriage. It could be a clear sign that you and your spouse are growing apart and heading for divorce.

If you’re unhappy most of the time, it’s a sign that you’re not getting what you need from your marriage. Relationships do change over time and couples need to be aware of the personal growth of their partners. If you can grow together that is great. But if you find you are unhappy and nothing can resolves the causes of unhappiness, it may be time to call it quits. Don’t stay in an unhappy marriage just because you’re afraid of being single or divorced. It is unfair to yourself and to your spouse to have an unhappy marriage.

If You Feel Relief When Thinking About Divorce

If the thought of ending the relationship is a relief. it’s time to file for divorce. If you have been thinking about ending your marriage, and have exhausted any hope of saving it, it is okay to finally admit it. It’s a difficult decision, but it’s the right one. Consult with a divorce attorney to discuss the legal process and what to expect.

Schedule a Consultation With a Redwood City Divorce Lawyer

If your marriage is a struggle and you are unhappy, getting divorced may be a good solution. When that time comes, divorce lawyer, Bradley Bayan has the experience and expertise to help you. Bradley D. Bayan has been practicing Domestic Relations law for over 20 years with an emphasis in divorce law. Contact the Law Offices of Bradley Bayan at (650) 364-3600 to schedule a free consultation.

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