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Protecting Your Rights In Domestic Violence Cases

domestic violence arrest

Domestic violence cases are difficult to deal with from a law enforcement perspective. There are a lot of stereotypes that can play into how a case is handled, which can also lead to violations of your rights. If you are charged with domestic violence, here is how to protect your rights in domestic violence cases. […]

What Parental Rights Does an Unmarried Father Have in California?

parental rights for unmarried father

As an unmarried father in the state of California, it’s important to understand the rights you may have related to your children. While California laws are generally progressive when it comes to parental rights, unmarried fathers may face unique challenges in establishing and protecting their rights because without taking steps to establish paternity, you may […]

Can Prenuptial Agreements Be Good Financial Planning?

prenuptial agreement

When getting married, prenuptial agreements are often viewed as a sign of distrust in the relationship. But if done right, prenuptial agreements can be a form of good financial planning for both parties. After all, no one likes to think about their divorce and what that might mean for their finances. But a prenuptial can […]

What are Marital Assets and Debts?

marital problems cause by debts

Marital assets and debts are items that need to be reviewed and decisions made as to how these two things will be divided between the divorcing couple. Marital assets are all property and financial assets acquired during the period of the legal marriage, while marital debts refer to all financial obligations incurred during the same […]

What is Custodial Interference?

custodial interference

Custodial interference is a serious legal offense that can have severe consequences. It occurs when one parent or guardian unlawfully takes or withholds a child from the other parent or guardian who has legal custody. This can be done with the intent to deprive the custodial parent of their custodial rights, to disrupt the child’s […]

What is Family Law?

family lawyer talking with couple

Family law is a broad legal field that encompasses a variety of topics related to family and marriage. Domestic Relations law, also known as Family Law, includes Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Visitation, and other aspects of law related to domestic partnerships. What Does Family Law Cover? Family law is the area of the law […]

Child Custody Lawyer in San Mateo County

parents fighting over divorce and child custody

Understanding child custody may need the services of a San Mateo County child custody lawyer. Bradley Bayan has served residents in and around San Mateo County and shares this information on child custody in California. Determining child custody involves defining the legal and practical responsibilities of a parent or guardian. If a dispute over child […]